Long Stay Medical Visa Insurance Thailand

Long Stay Visa Insurance Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination for retirees seeking a warm, friendly, safe place to live. Thailand has more than 1,000 public hospitals and clinics, making them accessible and affordable. However, those living in Thailand on retirement or long-stay visas are ineligible for the Thai government health insurance plan, meaning they must pay for their medical care. In today’s article, you will find out how to get long-stay visa insurance for Thailand and what essential benefits to check.

How to get Medical Insurance for Retirement and Long Stay Visa Holders

There are many ways to get medical insurance for retirement and long-stay visa holders in Thailand. One option is purchasing a policy from us on the following link: Travel Visa Insurance Thailand. Here you can get your long stay visa insurance in Thailand quickly and easily.

It is crucial to ensure that your medical insurance policy covers you for the type of treatment you need and that it will provide substantial coverage to you in the event of an emergency. Let us discuss what could be your probable medical and health-related requirements in Thailand.

As a foreigner, one of the critical things you need to consider when retiring or moving to Thailand is your health insurance. In Thailand, public healthcare is available but can be expensive and have long waiting times. For the same reason, many people choose private medical insurance.

Critical Check Points for Retirement or Long Stay Visa Holders Insurance

Depending on their needs, there are different types of insurance for retirement or long-stay visa holders. Some insurance companies offer comprehensive plans covering medical expenses to repatriation costs. Others provide more basic plans that only cover medical expenses. It is a must to check them all:

• How much amount of medical expenses are covered?
• Is Covid-19 covered?
• Do you get Personal Accident coverage?
• Does your policy cover round the year?
• When does exactly your policy start?
• What is the minimum and maximum age limits for the coverage?
• And last but not least, if you apply for it, will you get it? Or are there specific apprehensive terms and conditions attached for issuing it?

These are some critical points for which you must get all clarifications. Check it out all here. You will be glad to know all your questions will have positive answers here. That’s the advantage of getting your long stay visa insurance from Travel Insurance Thailand, the international travel insurer. They give you surety for a “Certificate approved for immigration automatically upon payment.”

Let’s have a look at what all is covered here by them:

Up to 4,000,000 THB of medical expenses for inpatients and outpatients.
COVID-19 coverage provided.
Up to 1,000,000 THB of accidental coverage.
Up to 650,000 THB of Third Party liability coverage.
Up to 99 years of age can get this policy.
Full 12 months policy coverage.

And the main benefit you get an istant guaranteed policy & certificate.


Healthcare in Thailand is a complex but essential topic for those looking to retire or stay for an extended time in the country with a long stay visa in Thailand.

It is important to see and check for all the benefits provided. In a nutshell long stay visa insurance by Travel Insurance Thailand gives you a peace of mind so that you can fully enjoy your stay in Thailand.

Have a great time in Thailand!


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