Thailand Pass Changes

Getting to Thailand right now is not simple. This information below has been confirmed with staff at the Thailand Pass office.


If you have received Thai Pass approval, your quarantine conditions will not change as long as your new flight details fall within the 72 hour arrivale window. You cannot change hotel, usually the hotel will change your arrivale date once they confirm your new arrival date.


For those who will apply for a Thailand Pass from now, the information given is as follows:


– All Test and Go and Sandbox applications are suspended except applicationf for Phuket, Krabi, Phan-nga and Surat Thani (Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Pha-ngan).


– When you arrive under the Test and Go and Sandbox Programme, you must undergo a 2nd COVID-19 test using the RT-PCR technique (not ATK self-test) at a government-designated facilities. This is organised by health officials (just follow their orders).


– You must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no less than 14 days before travelling. Please have your original QR vaccination proof documents with you when you travel to Thailand.


– Make sure you have organised a booking for at least 7 days on approved SHA Extra+ or ASQ hotel. You can find a list of these hotels at: HTTPS://WEB.THAILANDSHA.COM/SHAEXTRAPLUS    HTTPS://ASQ.IN.TH/PHUKET-SANDBOX-HOTELS.


* An issue that has been affecting travel to Thailand at present has been the lack of communication between guest and hotel. Please contact the hotel you wish to book at first. Make sure you get a reply as this means the hotel is proactive in ensuring guests are well serviced during this Pandemic period.


– Obtain a negative COVID-19 test result (RT-PCR), issued WITHING 72 HOURS before travelling. Ensure this is within 72 hours, people who have arrived 73 hours after the test have been denied entry.


* Please go to HTTPS://TP.CONSULAR.GO.TH/EN/PLAN an check you have all documents required. Please double check, people are being turned away if they are missing one document.


– As for insurance, the plan available which is Thailand Pass approved is available from:


* Another quick note: In case Covid-19 and the new variant cause problems with travel while in Thailand, you may need to extend your insurance cover.


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