Understand the new Test & Go Program for Pattaya

Understand the new Test & Go Program for Pattaya (not other parts of Thailand)

1. Read through: https://tp.consular.go.th/en/plan

2. Make sure you have your vaccination proof.

3. Get insurance.

This is the insurance I got for Thailand as it lets me leave the country, come back, and still keep my insured until the expiry date (I found some policies do not have this feature).

4. Check hotels in Pattaya that meet the SHA requirement: HTTPS://ASQ.IN.TH/. This is a fantastic website to help find a hotel.

5. Get your RT-PCR test within 72 hours of arriving in Thailand.

The issue now is the first day you arrive you will get tested and stay in a hotel. If you get a Covid-negative result, you are free to move around. One the fifth day, you will stay in a hotel and receive a second test. If found Covid-negative, you are free to leave the next morning. It is pretty simple but some people are thinking you have to stay the full five days in a hotel in Pattaya, this is not the case.

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